If you have a combo of a beaut of a bushy beard or a statement tash, check out these must-have products for your face fuzz. From caring for your skin, to making sure you’re smelling good, we’ve got you as covered as your chin is.

Keep It Clean

Whatever shape or style of facial hair you’re sporting, beard shampoo is a staple item for the bathroom. Banish bad bacteria and enjoy subtle scents under your nose all day.
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Keep It Calm

Don’t leave your skin craving moisture and care. After washing, apply moisturiser and consider a shave mist to calm irritated skin post-trim. 
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Keep It Sweet

It’s an age-old classic scent-booster - the highly regarded after shave. Announce your arrival by smell prior to sight with an array of after shaves on the market to suit your signature aroma.
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Keep It Soft Soft Soft

You’ve got the look, but do you have the moves? Keep prickle to a minimum with oils and balms for supple, soft and smooth hairiness - both for yourself and any special other(s) in your life.
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Keep It In Shape

Stop those flyaways in their tracks with a nifty little shaping kit; perfect for a quick touch-up before hitting the skate park, your favourite venue or a punk gig. With everything from fully equipped razor kits, on-the-go-scissors, brushes, combs, clays and waxes, you can keep looking fly, no matter your schedule.
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January 11, 2021 — Sarah Rachel