The subculture of the skater has been long integrated with the UK landscape. The UK is not only home to some of the best skateparks in Europe, but in the world. If you’re donning vans, nailing ollies and still listening to tunes from Tony Hawk’s pro skater, you have to put these top 3 UK skateparks to the test.

3. House Of Vans

We’ll kick off with a personal favourite of mine: House Of Vans, London, UK. Built underneath stone-walled railway arches, the House Of Vans space is split into tunnels, two of which house the indoor skatepark which includes a skater built and designed concrete bowl, mini ramp and street course. 
This hipster hangout hotspot additionally houses a live music venue, putting on performances from the likes of A Day To Remember, Cancer Bats and Gallows. Within the hidden tunnels of House Of Vans, London is a bar, café, cinema room and art installation space, making this the perfect haven for the middle-aged emo.

2. Southbank Skatepark

Steeped in history and endorsed by Tony Hawk himself, Southbank Skatepark in London has been a Mecca for skaters since the 1970s. According to the Southbank Centre, the Undercroft is the "world's longest continually used skate spot”. When it was refurbished in recent years, care was taken to make sure the space retained many of the original features from the late 1960s, so you can enjoy the same details that have attracted skaters for decades to this world-famous skatepark.
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“Southbank is the perfect example of a DIY park that became legitimized because of the interest it generates. It has become a hub for UK skaters, and a destination park for tourists from all over. My kids were more interested in going there when we were in London than seeing any mainstream tourists attractions.”

1. Stoke Plaza

Recommended as one of the greatest skateparks in Europe and across the globe by numerous online sources including, and, Stoke Plaza gains the top must-skate spot in the UK. Drop into England’s premier skate park, which reportedly cost half a million pounds to create. It was built in the north of England in 2005 and takes up 34,000 square foot. Explore the ramps, flat banks, rails, hubbas and ledges, as this huge space combines the grit of urban skating with street style.
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Britain’s skate scene has so much to offer, and with parks in every corner of the UK you’re sure to kick-flip your way into hours of nostalgia and entertainment. Check out Livingston Skatepark in Scotland, Source Park in Hastings, The Level in Brighton, and Radlands Plaza in Northampton for more thriving UK skateparks. Wherever your scene is, don’t forget to skate in style with the latest threads from our Blind Maggot store.
November 25, 2020 — Sarah Rachel